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食品まつりa.k.a foodman、Seiho、野田努(ele-king)よりデビュー・アルバム『TOYOMU』に寄せるコメント。(五十音順/敬称略)

食品まつりa.k.a foodman
Every sound is so sweet like an apple candy of a food stall in Japanese festivals as the tone and the way of sounds moving are really cute.
I recommend TOYOMU’s album to little children as well to take a listen to, filled with much of his tenderness as I felt warm inside so well.

I could finally manage to get out of a deep cave, however it’s really difficult to leave from the nasty panty line under a tight skirt colored mustard yellow. having a headache with heavy ear ringing, I washed my hair in a near river to remove this beast smell then thought I could tidied up myself again. But that was not enough for her at all as always…
“Were You having a hunt this late?”The sunset colored red rather than usual so I wondered if the world would come to an end soon.

Dreamy, funny and cutie TOYOMU debut album has come. The music is like a journey, it goes slowly but never stop.
The soundscape which is extremely optimistic and may have, may have not been seen can be found. The sun is shining, green color of mountain woods is perfectly clear and not a few shooting stars can be found in the night. Colorful electro pop music is sounding wide in a cocktail bar. Why don’t we come and enjoy his surrealistic labyrinth of sounds getting away from daily life?

an artist/ producer. resident in Kyoto, born in 1990. released Imagining “The Life of Pablo” of Kanye West in March 2016 via his Bandcamp which was highly acclaimed by numerous international press such as FACT Magazine, Billboard, BBC and Pitchfork etc… It was well evaluated not only by the novelty but also by the quality of the work itself. TOYOMU released the debut EP ”ZEKKEI” on 23rd November in 2016.
His long awaited debut album is being released in October 2018.